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Our Technology

01 / Server-Side

We are a Certified Microsoft Solution Developer, and we partner with our clients to build custom applications with a strong standards-based approach utilizing the latest in MS server-side and desktop technology, including C#, WebApi, MVC Framework, and SQL Server.

02 / Client-Side

For rich, responsive and lightning-fast Web applications, we leverage modern Web UI frameworks, primarily Google's AngularJS and Angular 2.0, along with Twitter's bootstrap for consistent styling.

03 / Breadth

In addition to custom application development, we also have experience with other tools and frameworks such as MS Dynamics, BizTalk, Telerik AppBuilder (mobile), and are well versed in Agile project principles, technical team leadership, QA and load testing.

Meet Omnis


We have partnered with a number of companies over the years, from fledgling startups to large corporations.  For some, we simply provide a pair of very experienced, often Microsoft Certified, coding hands.  However, there's a bit more breadth to our skillset. We've helped a few companies and development teams come up to speed on developing software with the .Net Framework, including ramping up on standards, best practices, and writing high-quality, unit tested code.  We also have experts on-hand with deep and broad performance and load testing/QA experience, as well as SQL DBA expertise.


We borrow our motto from Steve Jobs: "Simple can be harder than complex, but worth it in the end". Partnering with our clients, we strive to keep solutions as simple as possible, while still elegantly fulfilling the requirements.  This keeps the code base and applications easy to understand, adopt, maintain and extend.  


Our custom development has been done primarily with .Net and Angular. We are well-versed up and down the dev stack. On top of that, we can work with you to design solutions and achieve success in these areas:

  • Technical Team Leadership

  • Agile/Scrum

  • .Net Application Architecture

  • C#

  • Angular

  • ASP.Net WebApi

  • MVC Framework / Razor

  • WCF

  • Moq (unit test mocking framework)

  • DI (Unity, StructureMap)

  • Design Patterns

  • T-SQL/SQL Server development

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • QA, Performance and load testing

Omnis Clients

"It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Neil. He has a great positive attitude and performs well under any circumstances. He is very articulate explaining functional capabilities to business stakeholders, allowing them to fully leverage Web capabilities, thereby improving customer satisfaction. He has strong passion in getting the work done, great team player and results-oriented. We are lucky to have him on board and I highly recommend Neil."

--Lekshmi G., Healthcare Data Quality

“Omnis was instrumental in helping us build an outstanding CRM tool that not only helped with internal reporting and capturing of customer data but more importantly helped us service customers in a quick and ever evolving manner. Neil was a very flexible, creative, outside the box thinker at all times and understood the full spectrum of the business...not just the IT standpoint.”

--Brian C., Insurance Agency Owner and President


“I am very glad to recommend Omnis as a software consultant. Neil not only exhibits a vast knowledge of software methodologies and practices, he also possesses an ability to think proactively and anticipate issues before they arise. His work on a Health Savings Account application was not only delivered on time and perfectly according to specifications, it was also accompanied by lucid, thorough, and extremely usable documentation. His skills - not only in software development, but also in communications and personal relationships - make him an asset for any organization. I enthusiastically endorse him.”

​​--Geoffrey S., Business Systems Analyst


“Omnis solves problems with strong, standards-based design and development skills. Their understanding of technology and willingness to learn new concepts is extraordinary. This is all done without arrogance and with a helpful attitude.”

​​--Bryan M., UX Architect

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Scottsdale, AZ

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